5 Best Epic Sledges From Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is a well-known cricketer for all cricket lovers. He is the captain of the Indian national cricket team. The fans are very much excited for the sledges from Virat Kohli.

Have you ever seen someone who is famous and he has been making many headlines in the world?

If yes, then you must have seen the name of Virat Kohli. He is one of the most popular cricketers in the world and if you are a cricket lover then you must have heard of him. 

He has been giving his best performance in the Indian cricket team and he has been scoring more than 100 runs in a single match.

He has scored many hundreds in domestic cricket matches and in international cricket matches as well. 

In the Indian Premier League, he has played many important matches for the Kings XI Punjab team and he has scored many important runs for them.

If you are a cricket fan then you must have heard the name of Virat Kohli. 

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Here are some of the best sledges from Virat Kohli:

  1. Sledging by Virat Kohli: The first sledging from Virat Kohli is about a particular incident. He was playing a test match against Sri Lanka and when he came out to bat, he made fun of a particular player in the team. He said that the player was like a duck and he couldn’t play the game.

  2. Sledging by Virat Kohli: The second sledging by Virat Kohli is about a particular incident. It happened during the Indian Premier League when he was playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore. He made fun of the other batsman while he was running back from the crease.

  3. Sledging by Virat Kohli: The third sledging by Virat Kohli is about his batting skills. He played a very big shot in the match which hit a boundary and the other batsman said that it was not possible to play such shots. But Virat Kohli replied with a sledging. He said that the other batsman doesn’t know how to play cricket.

  4. Sledging by Virat Kohli: The fourth sledging by Virat Kohli is about a particular incident. It happened during the India vs Australia test match. The game was going on but the rain kept on coming and the team needed to leave the ground. So, Virat Kohli went out to bat, made fun of the umpires for not leaving the field and he took the ball and made it rain in front of the umpire.

  5. Sledging by Virat Kohli: The fifth sledging by Virat Kohli is about his match winning performance in the India vs Pakistan ODI series. He came to bat in the second over and scored the highest score of the innings. And the other batsman said that Virat Kohli has scored his first double century.

What is sledging in Cricket?

Sledging in cricket is when a player gets furious about the performance of the opponent and then expresses his anger using certain words.

Sledging is mainly used by the bowlers to express their frustration towards the batsman.

The reason behind this is simple – If the bowler has a good line then he can easily hit the batsman’s wicket. But if the batsman plays bad shots then he will score fewer runs.

So, the bowler gets angry and expresses his anger towards the batsman by using various words.

Sledging can also be used by the batsman to express his frustration towards the bowler.

The reason behind it is simple – if the batsman scores 10 runs then the bowler is not able to bowl well and the other way around.

So, if the bowler doesn’t get any wicket then he will lose his concentration and will not be able to bowl well.

The batsman gets angry and expresses his frustration towards the bowler by using some words which make him lose his concentration.

Types of sledging?

There are two types of sledging in cricket – verbal and non-verbal.

Verbal sledging:

It is the most common form of sledging. A bowler can use this technique to express his anger towards the batsman.

He can say a sentence like “bat out of your skin” or “you can’t bat”. These words can easily hurt the batsman’s confidence.

Non-verbal sledging:

It is the second most common form of sledging. It is used by the bowler when the batsman is taking bad shots.

He can show his frustration by hitting the stumps or by hitting the wicket.

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When and where can you use sledging?

The best place to use sledging is during the daytime.

The reason behind it is simple – there is no chance to get caught and if you are caught then you will be out of the game. The bowlers should also try to use this technique during the dead-ball overs.

If a batsman is taking good shots then the bowlers will have a hard time bowling and it will affect the batsman’s score.

Sledging is an effective way to express your anger towards your opponent.

If you don’t like the performance of your opponent then you can easily express your feelings by using sledging. So, keep watching the cricket match and you will see some awesome sledging scenes.


Virat Kohli has a very entertaining sledging habit. It doesn’t matter if it is a good or bad sledging, it will definitely make the audience laugh. He is a great entertainer of cricket and we can’t say no to him.

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