ICC 2023 World Cup Qualifier – Location, Teams, Dates, Groups and Winners

We will see 10 teams fighting against each other to book the last 2 spots left for the Cricket World Cup 2023, which is set to take place later this year. The participating teams will be divided into two groups and will face the other teams of their groups to top their respective groups. Oh Snap, Confused? don’t worry, by the end of this article, you will have all your doubts regarding CWC Qualifier 2023 cleared. Here is everything that you need to know –

Location of the ICC 2023 World Cup Qualifier

The ICC Men’s Cricket World Qualifier 2023 is all set to take place in Zimbabwe. Along with the host, 9 other teams will be competing against each other to seize their spot for the ODI Cricket World Cup 2023.

Teams of the ICC 2023 World Cup Qualifier

A total of 10 teams will be working hard against each other to come to the top, following is the list of teams,

  1. Zimbabwe ( Host )
  2.  Ireland
  3.  Nepal
  4.  Netherlands
  5.  Oman
  6.  Scotland
  7.  UAE
  8.  Sri Lanka
  9.  USA
  10.  West Indies

Dates of ICC 2023 World Cup Qualifier

The tournament has begun on 18th June and will spread over 21 days. The final is supposed to take place on the 9th of July.

The group stage matches will end by 27th June, with the top 3 teams from both groups advancing to the super six. 

The Super Six stage will then take place from June 29 to July 7, with the top two teams facing off in a CWC Qualifier Final on July 9 as well as progressing to the Cricket World Cup in India later in the year.

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Tournament Format of the ICC 2023 World Cup Qualifier

The Tournament format is just like any other cricketing event’s format. Normally we call it round-robin. All the teams are divided into 2 groups each group consisting of 5 teams playing round robin series within their group.

The top 3 teams of each group will qualify for the “Super Six” of CWC Qualifiers 2023. The team that qualifies for the super six will play 3 games against the team that advanced from their opposite group. Finally, the top 2 teams of the Super Six will seize their place in the prestigious Cricket World Cup 2023, which is supposed to take place in India. The top 2 teams will also play against each other in a final on 9th July.

The teams that did not qualify for the super six will play against each other to decide the 7th-10th rank.

Road to CWC 2023

Cricket World Cup Qualifier groups

Group AGroup B
United StatesScotland
West IndiesSri Lanka
ZimbabweUnited Arab Emirates

Favorites of ICC 2023 World Cup Qualifier

As things stand, it seems the favorites of the CWC Qualifiers will be “Sri Lanka” and “West Indies”, all because of the rich and strong cricketing history they have, but we cannot rule out any teams as this is what cricket is all about – “Miracles”. Teams like Zimbabwe, who will be playing as host will have home advantage and they have worked hard in recent days, we can expect them to win games and who knows they might come out on top.

Ireland also consists of players that can bring glory to their nation. All we are saying is cricket is known to be very unexpected and any team can come on top.


We wish all the team good luck and hope that the best team wins and qualifies for the upcoming ODI world cup 2023.

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