Rohit Sharma & Leo Messi Feature Alongside In New Adidas Ad

Adidas, one of the major sports brands of the world has introduced their new ad commercial in India called ‘You Got This’. Adidas launched a new worldwide brand campaign on February 11 that features both professional and amateur players and highlights how pressure takes away from their love of playing a sport. The ad features multiple sports superstars but the two faces that might be loved by the public are the Indian Cricket Team captain Rohit Sharma and the world-famous Argentinian footballer Leo Messi.

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Rohit Sharma –

Rohit Sharma is already a viral personality and is widely loved by Indians, as he has been the part of Indian Cricket team for a very long period. On the other hand, Leo Messi also has a huge fanbase among Indians. This Collaboration between Sharma and Messi looks very promising and looks like Adidas has pressed the right button to excite fans across the country. The video has taken the internet by storm as cricket fans across the world have taken notice.

The ad features Rohit Sharma’s batting clips where he can be seen hitting his most popular pull shot. The clip is from the series against Australia, which took place just before the World Cup 2023. Rohit Sharma played an instrumental role in the Indian campaign.

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Leo Messi –

The ad also features Leo Messi, who is seen hitting the football in the net followed by a celebration. The clip is from the very first match when Messi played for the first time for Inter Miami. The clip is of the time when the game was drawn to 1-1 and both the teams were trying to break the deadlock, that’s when a foul happened and Inter Miami got a free kick and Messi had just entered the field a few minutes back, he steps up to take the kick and converts it into a goal, resulting in a 2-1 victory for Inter Miami. Miami went on to win the league with Messi being the most important player for them.

Messi Was Already a Hit in Miami. Then He Stepped Onto the Field. - The New York Times

Currently, Rohit Sharma is leading the Indian Cricket team against England in a 5-match test series whereas Messi is touring with Inter Miami for pre-season friendlies. Both Messi and Sharma have been associated with Adidas for more than 10 years now.

Other Athletes –

Adidas endorsers Patrick Mahomes, Trinity Rodman, Lionel Messi, Linda Caicedo, Rohit Sharma, Anthony Edwards, Jude Bellingham, and the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team are featured in a ninety-second ad video.


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