Finally Rohit Sharma Brakes His Silence on World Cup Final

For the first time after India’s loss in the World Cup 2023 final, Rohit Sharma broke his silence. This is the first time captain Rohit Sharma is speaking about that tragic loss on November 19, 2023, after returning home from the Ahmedabad stadium where India played against Australia in the final match of the World Cup. Rohit shed a few tears during his statement at the post-match presentation award ceremony, where Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi consoled him following India’s crushing loss. Aside from those striking pictures, India’s skipper vanished from view.

Rohit’s Statement:

He said that I have always watched the 50-over World Cup since my childhood. That remained my greatest ambition the 50-over World Cup. We have been working all these years for that World Cup. And it is disappointing, right? It did not pass through anything? You did not get your part of it, you didn’t get that which you have been searching for all these years, that which you had in mind. You get disappointed. Sometimes you also get “frustrated” as he put it. After the tournament ended, Rohit decided to disappear from the limelight and did not attend the ODI and T20I matches against South Africa and Australia. Nevertheless, the Indian skipper has finally spoken up about it, stating that he simply could not heal from the pain.


Rumor has it that Rohit might make a comeback into India’s T20I panel in preparation for the T20 World Cup 2024. Regardless, his illustrious career would be marred by not having any 50 over World Cup Missing an opportunity to write about not being in the World Cup book, Rohit knows well what comes with it.

We Tried Our Hardest To Win The Game

That is the reason we have been aiming for this specific World Cup and its terrible letdown for all these years, isn’t that right? One is sure to feel disappointed and frustrated if he doesn’t make it through this and get what he has been longing for during this time and what he was dreaming about. When someone questions me about why we lost after winning ten games despite mistakes in those games, I sometimes respond by saying that we tried our hardest to win the games. But these are typical mistakes made in every game. There can never be a flawless game. More specifically, will someone ever have a flawless game, even if they have one that’s almost perfect? It means a lot, you know, for us, for me, because there was rage when you meet people who understand what the athlete must be going through. When they hear these types of things and bring out that frustration, that anger. “It was amazing to witness the folks I met showing such pure love for one another”. You know, it inspires you to return, pick up where you left off, and search for yet another great record.”

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