5 Biggest Controversies That Gambhir Can Never Forget

Gautam Gambhir a fluent commentator, a legendary batter, and an unsung hero of T20 WC 2007 and CWC’2011 is a well-known cricketing personality in India for his contribution to Indian cricket. Gambhir has been in the headlines for most of his career because of his performance but most of the time for the on-field controversies with other players, be it seniors, juniors, colleagues, or even fans no one has been spared by Gambhir.

Recent Controversy

Recently, Gambhir was in the headlines as he was involved in an on-field spat with ex-Indian cricketer Sreesanth while playing in Legend League Cricket. Here are 5 top controversies where Gautam Gambhir was involved with domestic as well as international cricketers –

The Infamous Gambhir – Afridi Controversy :

When Pakistan was touring India back in 2007 for a One-day Series, in the 3rd ODI in Kanpur when Afridi was balling, Gambhir hit a boundary with a brilliant shot, which surely didn’t go well with Afridi hence some heated and vulgar words were exchanged between both the cricketers. The spat didn’t stop there, later in the game while Gambhir was taking a run he clashed with Afridi and the clash turned into a proper fight, umpires had to intervene to separate both the players.

The Gambhir – Kohli Drama :

In the IPL 2023 match between LSG and RCB, Virat Kohli exchanged some heated words with the Afghanistan International and LSG pacer Naveen-ul-Haq, the fight continued even after the game ended when Naveen-ul-Haq refused to shake hands with Kohli and again some argument happened. Gambhir being an important part of the LSG squad didn’t hold back his emotions and got involved in the argument, players from RCB and LSG had to intervene to separate Kohli and Gambhir. This was not the first time Kohli and Gambhir were involved in an on-field argument, earlier in 2014 when Gambhir was the captain of KKR and Kohli was in RCB, both the legends exchanged some heated arguments.

Gambhir – Akmal Controversy :

It was the 2010 Asia Cup in Sri Lanka, again Gambhir was batting against the ballers of Pakistan, on one fine delivery Pakistan players appealed for Gambhir’s wicket but Gambhir was not out, Gambhir being Gambhir didn’t hold his emotions and passed a comment to Kamran Akmal, which didn’t go well and another argument broke. The fight was so furious that the game had to be stopped for a while to make things settle down. This game also saw a famous fight between Harbhajan Singh and Shoaib Akhtar.

Gambhir – Sreesanth Recent Row :

In just concluded Legends League Cricket, Gambhir was batting for Indians Capital against Sreesanth’s Gujarat Giant, Gambhir gave a good beating to Sreesanth’s balling, out of anger Sreesanth passed some comment to Gambhir in return to which Gambhir called Sreesanth with some objectionable name. The fight didn’t end on the ground, Sreesanth took the help of social media to call out Gambhir’s derogatory comment in front of the entire nation.

Gambhir – Fans clash :

Gambhir didn’t spare anyone who stood against him be it seniors, colleagues, or fans. Recently when Gambhir was covering Asia Cup 2023 in Sri Lanka in a match against Pakistan, when rain played a spoiler in the game, Gambhir was out on the field that’s when fans in the stand started chanting Dhoni and Kohli’s names to annoy Gambhir, Gambhir didn’t hold back and made some derogatory actions with hands intended to call out fans. However later when Gambhir was asked about his actions, Gambhir stated that some fans were shouting anti-Indian slogans.

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