Impact of Impact Player Rule in IPL 2023

The Impact of IPL has been everlasting on the people of India. The evolution of IPL has been drastic over the years and people have been showering their love as well. Recently, IPL 2023 kicked off with a new rule called “Impact Player Rule”, where each team can use the service of 12 men, instead of 11. Confused?? Let us put it in simple words any Team that is playing with 11 men can substitute any player and bring on the “Impact player”. Earlier in 2022, a dry run of Impact players was done in Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, where teams used the impact player and received various successes. Ideally, instead of 11 v 11, it makes the contest 12 v 12.

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What is the Impact Player Rule exactly?

According to the impact player rule, a team may substitute an impact player for one of the playing 11 at any time during an inning.

  • According to the impact player rule, each team will name five substitutes in addition to their starting eleven before the toss by the new impact rule in the IPL. Each one of these five subs could potentially make an impact on the game.
  • As a result of this rule’s adoption from the Australian Big Bash League, it has already been put into practice and proven in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. The rule allows teams to make a player substitution during the match if it would improve the situation and playing circumstances.
  • The new regulation eliminates the impact of the toss result by allowing teams to choose their starting XI after the toss. Team sheets will no longer be required from team captains at the toss.
  • Moreover, fielding teams will be penalized for having sluggish overrates at every over, putting additional pressure on them to maintain a quick tempo of play.
  • Teams cannot employ the Impact Player as a workaround for the restriction on the number of international players permitted in a match, though.
  • The only foreign player who can be utilized as an impact player is one of the five substitutes listed on the squad sheet. There can never be a fifth foreign player on the pitch if a side inserts an international player as an Impact Player during a game.
  • At toss time, teams must choose 5 substitutes in addition to the starting 11; but, only one of those substitutes may be deployed as an impact player.
  • The Impact Player will be proposed by the Captain.
  • Players who are replaced by Impact Players (“Replaced Players”) are not allowed to participate in the rest of the game or come back as substitute fielders.
  • An Impact Player is not permitted to serve as a captain, according to the BCCI.
  • If it becomes necessary, an Impact Player may replace a retired batter.
  • Each match allows for the usage of one Impact Player for each team. But, it is not required. Teams can decide whether or not to utilize the Impact Player.
  • If a player is hurt while fielding in the middle of the innings, he is unable to continue playing even if the team substitutes an impact player.
  • A substitute fielder may only replace an injured player in the event of an injury to the impact player during play if the umpires are satisfied.
  • The replacement is not allowed to bowl or serve as captain.
  • The player off the pitch for the replacement will be subject to penalty time for the batting and fielding teams by the game’s rules.

When Can Teams Use Impact Player Rule?

During the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, which was played in October–November 2022, the BCCI put the Impact Player rule to the test.

  • An Impact Players may be used before the start of an inning, following the end of an over, following the fall of a wicket, or following the retirement of a batter at any point in the over.
  • A player that sustains an injury may be replaced by an Impact Player. In these situations, the replaced player will no longer participate in the game.
  • The impact player cannot bowl the remaining balls of the over if he is a bowler who enters the game at the fall of a wicket.

What rules apply to impact players?

  • Before adjusting, the captain will propose the Impact Player and let the on-field umpire know.
  • Unless there are fewer than four foreign players in the original playing 11, the Impact Player must be an Indian player.
  • Regardless of the player he is replacing, the impact player can either bat or bowl his whole four-over allotment.
  • It is optional to insert the “Impact Player” into the game. Teams are free to choose whether or not to utilize the Impact Player.
  • If the game is trimmed to less than 10 overs on each side, an Impact Player cannot be utilized.

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Teams Introducing Impact Player in IPL 2023

Recently, when Kane Williamson got injured in mid-innings GT replaced him with another batter Sai Sudarshan, similarly, CSK in another game replaced Ambati Rayudu with Tushar Deshpande. Many more teams have been using the impact player strategically to convert the result in their favor. With the introduction of this new rule, the cricket fraternity has been praising this change and thinks this will be a step ahead towards the new revolution in cricket, Whereas many are still confused and don’t think it is a good idea to introduce Impact player and classical 11 vs 11 is much better. Although we are sure of one thing with the introduction of “Impact Player” in the current season of IPL 2023, This IPL has already become very exciting, and we are sure it will be one heck of a season.

MatchImpact PlayerReplaced Player
GT vs CSKTushar DeshpandeAmbati Rayudu
GT vs CSKSai SudharshanKane Williamson
PBKS vs KKRRishi DhawanBhanuka Rajapaksa
PBKS vs KKRVenkatesh IyerVarun Chakravarthy
LSG vs DCAman KhanKhaleel Ahmed
LSG vs DCKrishnappa GowthamAyush Badoni
SRH vs RRAbdul SamadFazalhaq Farooqi
SRH vs RRNavdeep SainiYashasvi Jaiswal
RCB vs MIJason BehrendorffSuryakumar Yadav
Impact Players in First 5 Matches of IPL

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