Which Football League is Better: La Liga or Premier League?

Two everlasting debates among football fans are:

1) Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo

2) La Liga or Premier League.

Messi and Ronaldo’s debate is a never-ending one and no one can come to a perfect conclusion whereas we will try and find a conclusion about the better and most competitive football league in the world.

The history of both La Liga and the Premier League is very rich, both leagues are being watched for a very long ago and both of them contain some great football teams. In this article, we will try and find out which league contains the strongest teams and which league is more competitive.

La Liga –

La Liga commonly known as La Liga Santander due to sponsorship reasons was founded in 1929. La Liga is the top league for professional football in Spain. The League contains 20 domestic teams, which play round the year against each other to claim the La Liga trophy. Every year the bottom 3 teams are demoted from La Liga and are replaced by 3 new teams. Some of the Top teams in La Liga are FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla, etc.

Premiere League –

The top professional league in England is the Premier League. Founded in 1992, The Premier League also has 20 teams who compete usually from August to May every year to claim the throne. The Premier League also operates in a promotion and relegation system. Some top teams in Premier League are Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, etc.

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LaLiga vs Premier League –

Both Leagues have a lot of quality players which makes both of these leagues very competitive. Whereas Experts have never felt shy in displaying their opinions. Few of them say Premier League is better because it has richer clubs due to which they keep on bringing the best of the talents in the world, whereas few think La Liga is better because the playing techniques in Spain are far better and also until a few years back Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, two best player of all time used to play in LaLiga, which has undoubtedly increased the value of La Liga. Confusing? Don’t trouble yourself following data will surely be able to bring you to some conclusion,

In terms of “Viewership” –

When it comes to Viewership, Premier League and La Liga are the two most viewed leagues around the world but when it comes to the comparison between both of them, Premier League outperforms La Liga badly. Around the globe, Premier League is watched by around 7 billion people, whereas La Liga is watched by around 4 billion people, which is almost half.

In terms of “Revenue” –

Again in terms of Revenue, Premier League beats La Liga by huge margins. Premier League generates a whooping amount of around 7 billion euros, whereas La Liga generates around 4 billion euros. Although both of these two leagues are the top two most revenue-generating Leagues in the world.

In terms of the “Champion’s League”

The real turn comes here, La Liga puts The Premier League to the rest and comes out on top. The Spanish teams have the elite trophy 19 times, whereas the Premier League teams have won it 14 times. For La Liga, Real Madrid has been leading the way with 14 Champions League trophies alone, whereas, for Premier League, Liverpool has won it 6 times.

Conclusion –

According to us, it’s a very tough competition between both Leagues. Everyone is free to have their opinion, we have shared the relevant data with you. Some may say the rich are more powerful, whereas some might say footballing techniques make a league better.

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