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Fantasy Kabaddi FAQ

What is Fantasy Kabaddi?

If you have the right skills to calculate & strategize the probabilities of a match, then put your talent to test on League11, India's fastest growing fantasy sport's platform. Setup a fantasy kabaddi team based on your calculations for a real-life match to compete with players across the country for exciting rewards & big cash prizes for every match. Sign-up for free and start to play completely free with League11 Fantasy Sports Platform. You can download our Fantasy App - League11 and Enjoy the lowest platform fees.

How can I play Fantasy kabaddi on League11?

Just like any other fantasy game, to play fantasy kabaddi online you need to first of all have proper skills and knowledge of the game. All you need to do is a proper research during pro fantasy kabaddi leagues and other fantasy kabaddi game and then make your own real time fantasy kabaddi teams online on the League11 App. To play kabaddi fantasy is as simple as having a cake.

To start playing fantasy kabaddi with League11:

  1. Select Match Type - Choose from a variety of matches across the globe on League11, whether it’s a Test, ODI, T20 or any other format.
  2. Assemble Your Team - On the basis of your calculations, assemble your fantasy kabaddi team and based on how your selected players perform, your team will earn fantasy points.
  3. Participate In Contests - League11 features a host of free and paid contests to participate during each match. Select a contest to compete with other players on the same match and stand a chance to win grand prizes.

How do I create my Fantasy kabaddi team?

  • Step 1. Select from a list of real-life kabaddi matches on League11 mobile app.
  • Step 2. Based on your calculations and player stats, pick and setup players in your your fantasy kabaddi team before the match starts.
  • Step 3. As the match goes live, based on how your selected players perform in the real-life match, you will be competing against other players to get rewarded.
  • Step 4. Get your reward money via secure payment methods like Paytm, CashFree and PayU.

What contests can I join on League11?

  • League11 lets you compete with other players by hosting both FREE and PAID fantasy kabaddi contests for every match.
  • You can even create your own contest with your friends and play with them.
  • The probability of you winning the contest is based on your skill to choose a team which can perform well.
Better they perform, More you win. Choose Wisely!

Can I actually win real money on League11 Fantasy Sports Platform?

  • Choose a contest.
  • Make your playing 11 team.
  • Join the contest - each paid contest has different rewards.
  • Start competing - if your selected teams score more points than others’, it's your victory!
  • Safely withdraw your money via - Paytm, CashFree or PayU.

Is League11 fantasy sports platform safe and legal in India?

To give a simple and short answer: Yes, but it depends on the state you are in. In a landmark ruling, the Punjab and Haryana High Court on 18 April 2017, held that playing fantasy games online is legal and does not fall within the definition of “gambling” as online fantasy sport games are based on a participant’s use of skill, superior knowledge, judgment, and application of mind. To know more about the legalities of fantasy sports in India, click here.

What is Kabaddi ?

The four forms of kabaddi are Sanjeevni Kabaddi, Gaminee Kabaddi, Amar Kabaddi and Punjabi Kabaddi. Kabaddi in its modern form finds its plays in international kabaddi games and correspondingly in fantasy kabaddi games online. This is where you can play fantasy kabaddi online on League11.
In Sanjeevani Kabaddi, one player is revived against one player of the opposite team who is out – one out. The game is played over 40 minutes with a five-minute break between halves. There are seven players on each side and the team that puts all the players on the opponent’s side scores four extra points.
In Gaminee Kabaddi, seven players play on either side or a player put out has to remain out until all his team members are out. The team that is successful in ousting all the players of the opponent’s side secures a point. The game continues until five or seven such points are secured and has no fixed time duration.
Amar Kabaddi resembles the Sanjeevani form in the time frame rule. But, a player who is declared out doesn’t leave the court, but instead stays inside, and the play goes along. For every player of the opposition touched ‘out,’ a team earns a point.
Punjabi Kabaddi is played on a circular pitch of a diameter of 22 meters.
Fantasy kabaddi online covers most of the above forms of kabaddi majorly in pro kabaddi leagues in India where a huge chunk of people play fantasy kabaddi daily.

in which state Kabddi is famous ?

Haryana is one of the many states that is famous for the game of kabaddi and it is one of the best teams that participate in the pro kabaddi league tournament that happens every year in India.

Is Kabaddi played in Olympics?

The age old question that Indians have often asked one another is why Kabaddi has never been included in the Olympics. Despite being a sport that dates back centuries, Kabaddi has not been recognised as a sport which meets certain criteria under the IOC rules of Olympic sport inclusion

Which country is best in kabaddi?

The Kabaddi World Cup, is an indoor international Kabaddi competition conducted by the International Kabaddi Federation (IKF) in a standard style, contested by men's and women's national teams.

Rank Team Points
1 India 865
2 South Korea 473
3 Kenya 327
4 Iraq 105

Best Kabddi Fantasy App ?

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