How Do T10 Cricket Matches Affect Fantasy Cricket Gaming?

Cricket fans have been enjoying the game globally since the late 19th century. There have been many moderations in the game of cricket since then. People have been involved in different formats of cricket and moving towards a shorter game. With the evolution of cricket now we have also come across the fantasy gaming sector. It is an online game where a fantasy cricket team (virtual team) of real cricket players is created and points are calculated on the basis of the real-life performance of the players in the team. 

What are the various formats of cricket? 

  • Test –  Test cricket is the traditional form of the game, which has been played since 1877. This format has been considered as the original and the most difficult format of the game. Currently, one test match takes on an average of 5 days to finish where there are no limitations of overs to play on any side. One team starts batting and the other can only come to bat once they take all the wickets or the first team declares the innings. This format has many fans and some of the most popular series to watch.
  • ODI – One Day International is a pacier format of the game which started gaining popularity in the 1980s. In this format, there are 50 overs per inning, and usually takes around 7-10 hours to complete the game. This format is also popular by the name Limited Overs International (LOI). The Cricket World Cup of this format is generally played every four years.
  • T20Introducing again a shorter format of the game, T20 came into the limelight in 2003. In this format, each side gets 20 overs to bat and the winner is declared after that. This format is also recognized by the International Cricket Council. These three formats are currently played on an international level and people are again moving towards a shorter format of cricket.
  • T10 – This is the new format of cricket which was introduced very recently. This format includes all the same rules as T20 cricket, the only difference is that it has 10 overs per side, and a total of 120 deliveries are thrown in the match. As T20 brought a lot of changes in the game of cricket, T10 being a shorter format requires a lot of changes in the game and the approach of the players. Though the format is not played internationally but is now getting popular in domestic leagues.

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How is T10 affecting Fantasy Cricket? 

Fantasy cricket is based on the virtual teams made by the user and its points are based on the real-life performance of the user. The end result of the virtual team is declared after the completion of the match. The factors by which fantasy cricket is affected are : 

  •  Time: The T10 match takes nearly half time when compared to the T20 format and nearly one-fourth of the time when compared to the ODI format. The quick results of the match help the user to re-invest the amount won in a single match and increase the possibility of winning again. In fantasy cricket the more times you rotate your principal amount, the more winnings you can get if you want. Whereas in other i.e. longer formats the amount of users is stuck for a longer period of time. 
  • Less competition: As this format is new and not many people have a detailed analysis of these leagues. There is an unsaid advantage for the users who have studied about the teams playing in these matches and how the pitch and the rules impact the performance of the individual players. 
  • More number of matches: Being a shorter format, there are many T10 matches lined up in a day and are almost completed in two hours each. There can be many options for users to invest in as now in domestic cricket also there are easily 7-10 T10 matches held in a day for the users to invest in.
  • More Risk: With positives, there are also negative sides of the format. As the format is short and new, it is very difficult to study the players and predict the performing players in the match. This leads to more risk and eventually the loss of amount.
  • Multifold Winnings: T10 games provide an option for quick results and an opportunity to invest in multiple matches in a day. Any fantasy cricket player can benefit from it if he/she is getting the right analysis and the right investment.


T10 cricket games are getting popular on the fantasy cricket level. We might expect the format to be included in international cricket. It is not being used very much by fantasy cricket users and is attracting a lot of investment. Hence we can conclude that the new shorter format of cricket is having a big impact on the viewers and also on the fantasy cricket sector. Giving opportunities to the users to invest and win more. On the other hand, we are losing touch with the original form of cricket and the meaning and playing style have changed since the introduction of new formats. 

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