Top 5 Richest Cricket Boards of World

Top 5 Richest Cricket Boards Of World In today’s world, Cricket is one of the most played sports all over the world.

You will find cricket playing everywhere but it is not a game that has a set age to play it. Even a kid can play the game without any problems.

When it comes to cricket boards, there are some boards that are very famous and some others are not so famous.

If you have a look on Wikipedia, you will find that there are more than 100 cricket boards in the world.

But if you are talking about the top 5 richest cricket boards, then you can’t deny the fact that India is the first on this list.

There are many cricket boards that have been able to earn more than 1 billion dollars from the sponsorship deals but they are not the only ones.

There are some other cricket boards that are also earning millions of dollars every year from the sponsorship.

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5 Richest Cricket Boards of World

The game of cricket is played around the world and is hugely popular with people everywhere.

It is an exciting game to watch, and there is a huge fan following around the world.

As well as the teams being hugely popular, the boards which run the games are also hugely popular. There are the five richest cricket boards in the world – who are they?

(BCCI) Board of Control for Cricket in India – $295 Million

Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is one of the major cricketing bodies in the country. It was established in December 1928 to regulate the game of cricket. It is the largest sports governing body in the world. 

If we talk about the net worth of BCCI board then let us tell you it is $295 Million since 1926 to 2019.

BCCI is the largest sports governing body in the world. The board controls all the sports activities in India, including the national cricket team. It also supervises the state and regional level cricket competitions.

Cricket South Africa – $79 Million

South Africa’s cricket board is the second richest in the world.

Its net worth is $79 million, which is 4x lesser than the net worth of Indian cricket board.

The board was initially created as the United Cricket Board of South Africa in 1991. Its current president is Haroon Logart.

England and Wales Cricket Board – $59 Million

The best cricket board in the world is the England and Wales Cricket Board.

They were created on 1 January 1997 combining the roles of the Test and County Cricket Board, the National Cricket Association, and the Cricket Council. Their current Chairperson is Colin Graves.

Pakistan Cricket Board – $55 Million

Pakistan has a very huge fan following of cricket. Their cricket board’s net worth currently sums up to $55 million, which makes them the second richest cricket board in Asia and the fourth richest in the world.

Their chairman is Shahryar Khan. The board was formed in 1948 but later on, 28 July 1952, it changed its name as Pakistan Cricket Board.

Bangladesh Cricket Board – $51 Million

Bangladesh Cricket Board is the official governing body of the sport of cricket in Bangladesh.

It was established on 26 June 2000. Its headquarters are in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The board is controlled by the government of Bangladesh. 

Bangladesh Cricket Board also has a youth wing, which organises the Bangladesh Youth Cricket League.

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I hope you have enjoyed reading this article about the top 5 richest cricket boards of the world.

There are different types of cricket boards available in the market and I am sure that you would like to own one of them.

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