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6 Most Popular Cricket Umpires in the World

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, which has been played by more than 200 countries around. A cricket umpire is an official who is responsible for making the right decisions in the game.

There are many top cricket umpires who are well known for their excellent performance and are famous all over the world.

They are very famous for their expertise, professionalism, and strictness, which they display while calling a ball or a wicket.

These cricket umpires have a huge fan following and they are considered as the best umpires in the world. 

Here are some facts about cricket umpiring:

  • Umpires in cricket don’t wear protective gear, but they wear protective glasses, helmets and chest pads
  • The official language of cricket is English, but each country has its own language Umpires in cricket
  • Have no special training, but they need to pass a few tests.
  • Umpires are only responsible for the game, not for the players.
  • A cricket umpire is only paid for his work, if he calls a player or not Umpires don’t have any authority, so they can’t punish the players In cricket,
  • Umpires make decisions about the game and if they call wrong then the decision should be reviewed by another official.

There are many types of cricket umpiring like Test Cricket, One Day Internationals and T20 matches, which are played by different countries around the world.

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Here Is The List Of 6 Most Popular Cricket Umpires In The World:

David Shepherd

Whenever you speak of umpires in the world of cricket, the name of David Shepherd comes to mind.

After retiring from first class cricket in 1979, he decided to take up umpiring! The umpire of world cricket is David Shepherd.

He judged world cups 1996-2003 very competently and has been nominated for the David Shepherd trophy which is awarded to the best umpire of cricket.

David Shepherd

Till date, the best umpire is David Shepherd.

In addition to this, he has judged matches in England, Australia, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

David Shepherd’s career in cricket has earned him a lot of respect among the cricket fraternity.

The umpire is a man of simple habits and believes that it is the duty of the umpire to be impartial and not judge players or teams on grounds of fame or reputation. 

Billy Bowden

Kiwi umpires are known to be very enthusiastic and fun, and the best part is that they’re very entertaining.

The players love them as much for their crazy on-field antics as for the fact that they’re always fair.

And although he retired in 2016 with a score of 84 tests, 200 Odis and 21 T20s, his unique and entertaining finger movements have become world-famous.

Billy Bowden

Additionally, his unique style has led to him becoming a cult figure around the world. So when it comes to choosing which umpire to call your game, there’s no one better to rely on.

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Simon Taufel

Since the start of the “The David Shepherd Trophy” in 2004, Taufel has made sure to bag five consecutive awards till 2008. From the age of 24, this Australian player has started his umpiring career.

After a sudden injury forced him to put a stop on his cricketing career, however, his passion for the game made him one of the best-known umpires of world cricket.

Officially his score is 74 test matches, 174 One-Day Internationals and 34 Twenty20 Internationals.

Srinivas Venkatraghavan

Srinivas Venkatraghavan

There are few Indian cricket players who have played an important role in the Indian cricket history.

This man is one of them. He was the captain of the first two World Cup for India and then in the year 1993, he made his debut as an umpire.

Such was his contribution as a cricketer and an umpire to the world cricket fraternity, that he was awarded the Padma Shri by the government of India in 2003. Fantasy cricket in India would be more interesting if he were still playing in the team till date.

Moreover, his presence and his contribution in the game of cricket will remain a source of inspiration to youngsters.

Daryl Harper

During his 17 years career as an umpire, he became the first man to be included in the International Cricket Council Elite panel.

He made his debut in 1994 and retired after the India vs West Indies test series in 2011. During his tenure, Harper made sure that his decisions are correct.

Additionally, he was well-known for his fair approach. Harper has officiated in 94 Test matches, 174 One Day Internationals, and 10 T20Is during his career.

Harper is known for his “one-two” decision system of calling wides for leg before wicket (LBW) and catching it with two fingers. 

Dickie Bird

Bird had a great 23 years as an umpire, and before he became an umpire, he was a football player, but when he sustained an injury to his ankle, he chose cricket instead of football. As an umpire, he was one of the most aggressive umpires in world cricket.


These are the top 6 cricket umpires in the world. These umpires have shown their expertise and dedication to cricket, which has helped them become popular around the world. I hope you liked this post and if you have any question about cricket umpiring then don’t hesitate to ask me. I will be happy to answer your question as soon as possible.

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