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The Different Types of Bowling Styles in Cricket [2022]

Different Types of Bowling Styles: Have you ever played cricket? If not then I don’t think that you can imagine the level of competition that is there among the players.

You might be thinking that it is only a simple game and it can be played by any kid, but cricket is more than a simple game.

Cricket is a very popular game in most countries and it is played on the ground as well as indoor.

This game is popular because of its fast-paced nature and it can be played for two hours or more. There are many types of bowling styles in cricket and each type has its own style and technique.

What is Underarm Bowling?

When watching a cricket match, you must’ve heard the word “underarm bowling” thousands and millions of times. But have you ever wondered about its origin?

Till the first half of the 19th century, this was used by the majority of players. Later the concept of overarm bowling was discovered by a brother-sister duo. The popular Willes duo is remembered to date for the invention of the same.

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Here Are The Different Types of Bowling Styles in Cricket:

Fast Bowler:

A fast bowler is an expert in all sorts of bowling. He will be able to bowl even under pressure and he will be able to bowl at a high speed.

A fast bowler is usually used for a fast-paced game, which will make him more powerful.

On the other hand, if you want to bowl fast, then you will need a fast bowling action. But if you want to bowl fast, you will need a lot of stamina.

So fast bowlers are in a position where they need to balance their speed with their stamina. Fast bowlers usually play for a period of time and they get tired quickly.

In contrast, slow bowlers will play for a longer period of time and they will have more stamina.

The best way to be successful as a fast bowler is to develop your strength and your stamina so that you can bowl at a high speed for a long period of time.

If you have developed your stamina, then you will be able to play long innings. And this will give you more opportunities to score runs and you will be able to keep your team in the game.

When you are in a team, it is important that you work well together.

Medium pace bowler:

A medium-pace bowler is an expert who can bowl the ball from low to medium speed.

It will help him to control the pace of the game and he will have excellent command over spin bowling.

Moreover, it will help him to become more consistent in the game. A medium-pace bowler can also use his stamina and body strength to get the batsman out of their crease. It will also help him to improve his accuracy.

So, there are many benefits in playing a medium pace bowler in a cricket match.

Spin bowler:

A spin bowler is one of the most important types of a bowler.

He is the expert who can bowl the ball at a high speed. He will be able to make the ball swing in any direction and he will also be able to bowl the leg-spin.

Additionally, he can also bowl the off-spin. He is the key man in any team’s bowling line-up.

You can have a look at our spin bowling articles for some more information on him. The spin bowler has one of the biggest roles to play in cricket.

The spin bowler needs to know that there are three different kinds of spin bowling, the off-spinner, the leg-spinner and the arm-spinner. They all work in a very similar way.


An all-rounder is the best type of bowler. He is a specialist and he can bowl with his own style.

He can even bowl with a high pace, spin, or low pace and he will also be able to perform well as a batsman.

Furthermore, an all-rounder is also an important part in a cricket team because his batting can help in getting runs for the team.

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These are the different types of bowling styles in cricket. So, if you want to know more about cricket then you can check the websites of the different types of bowling styles in cricket. You can get a lot of information about cricket there.

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