Who Will Win if Rain Washes out the Reserve Day of the IPL 2023 Final between CSK and GT?

In the game of IPL 2023 Final CSK vs GT the rain started in the afternoon on Sunday 28th May and continued throughout the day. The toss was delayed and there was hope that some cricket action would be possible, but the rain eventually made it impossible to play and now the game has been moved to the Reserve Day.

The Reserve Day

IPL 2023 final has been moved to the reserve day after rain played spoilsport on Sunday, May 28. The match will now be scheduled on Monday at the same time and the same place. The IPL 2023 final is a huge event and it is disappointing that the rain has had to play such a big role. However, the reserve day gives the teams another chance to play and hopefully, we will get to see a thrilling contest on Monday.

What time limits apply to a rain delay?

If a weather delay, the game will begin to lose overs at 9:36 p.m. The match will then get shorter and shorter, with a 5-over match having a cutoff time of 12:06 am (Tuesday).

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If a 5-over-per-side contest is not possible, what happens?

In the case of further rain delays, the competition may be decided by Super Over. The following provision was specified in the rules: If a 5-over match cannot be scheduled for the Final such that it can be finished by the end of extra time on the reserve day, the teams will, if the circumstances allow, play a Super Over to decide the winner of the final.

What if a super over also can’t be organised?

So, if the rain continues to play spoilsport on Monday and rain washes out the reserve day of the IPL 2023 final, then Gujarat Titans will be declared the winners. This is because the IPL has a rule(Rule 11.3.4) that if a match is washed out, the team that finished higher in the table will be declared the winner. Gujarat Titans finished higher than Chennai Super Kings in the table, so they would be declared the winners if the match is washed out.

Rule 11.3.4

If the Final Match is abandoned due to rain or any other unforeseen circumstances, the team that finished higher in the League Fixtures will be declared the winner of the Final Match.

So, if the rain continues to play spoilsport on Monday, Gujarat Titans will be crowned the champions of the IPL 2023.

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